Rocstar Pass

Launching a limited all-access card to an exclusive list of young influencers.

After a phenomenal launch year spearheaded by iSupreme, Rocomamas Ghana needed to sustain its momentum. Maintaining brand awareness and popularity among the trendsetting youth of Accra, the “cool kids”, became the central focus. Simply put, we needed to ensure Rocomamas remained the hottest dining and hangout spot in town.


We delved deep into the vibrant Accra scene and unearthed key insights. Influencer marketing held undeniable sway over the city’s youth, while exclusive experiences and limited edition offerings were attractive to trend-conscious consumers. We also unearthed the power of user-generated content (UGC), capable of organically propelling brands into further heights.


With these insights, we created the Rocstar Pass. The limited edition card granted a select group of Accra’s most influential content creators and tastemakers exclusive access to the Rocomamas world for three months. But the exclusivity went beyond the number of passes; the capped access to deliciousness added an irresistible layer of desirability.

To amplify the buzz, we teamed up with Tribe of God, a rising fashion brand. Together, we crafted limited edition merch that accompanied the passes, adding an extra dose of coolness into the campaign.


We also empowered pass holders to become our brand ambassadors, encouraging them to share their Rocomamas experience on social media. Their voices became ours, spreading the word about the incredible food, the buzzing atmosphere, and the undeniable cool factor of being a Rocstar Pass holder.

  • Increased Brand Awareness: The campaign generated significant social media buzz and top-of-mind awareness among the target audience.
  • Sustained Sales Growth: Sales remained consistent and continued to grow beyond the initial launch momentum.
  • Positive UGC: Pass holders actively shared their experiences, creating valuable UGC that promoted Rocomamas and attracted new customers.
  • Brand Position Strengthened: Rocomamas solidified its position as the preferred dining and hangout spot for the young, cool crowd in Accra.



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