Rocstar Pass

Launching a limited all-access card to an exclusive list of young influencers.

When Rocomamas Ghana wanted a way to drive awareness for their brand and increase sales after a successful year of operating in Ghana due to the impressive their impressive 360 launch campaign led by iSupreme, we were again tasked with coming up with an idea that will sustain the brand’s relevance and position it as the place “cool kids of Accra” dine and hangout.


People love exclusivity. And they’ll willingly show it off when they have that. Also people will want to dine and spend time at a place when their favorite influencers dine there.


We created the Rocstar Pass, a limited edition pass for an exclusive list of 10 influencers/content creators. The card gives a capped access to the Rocomamas food experience for 3 months.


An increase in organic user and influencer-generated content, grew a loyal food community, brand association with some of Ghana’s most loved influencers and increased awareness and patronage of the Rocomamas brand.


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