Yango Family Ride

Creating an immersive and engaging virtual ride experience for families of Yango drivers.

Yango, a ride-hailing app with a multinational presence, wanted to host a unique event for its drivers and their families to foster stronger relationships and brand loyalty. They needed an engaging activity that would showcase the driver’s perspective and the value of their work, all within a fun and family-friendly setting.


We understood that families might not fully grasp the daily challenges and joys of being a Yango driver. A virtual experience could bridge this gap and create shared understanding.

VR technology offered a captivating and interactive way to immerse families in the driver’s world, making the experience more memorable and impactful.


We created a virtual cityscape where participants could navigate as drivers, picking up virtual family members at different stops, modelled after a typical Yango trip. Obstacles simulated real-world challenges like traffic and weather.

The VR experience was designed to be accessible and enjoyable for all ages, with a narrative that highlighted the driver’s responsibility, resourcefulness, and the satisfaction of delivering passengers safely to their destinations.

Incorporating game mechanics like obstacle avoidance and family pick-up added to the excitement and reinforced the key message about the driver’s role.




Families found the VR experience to be fun, engaging, and memorable while over 80% of participants reported feeling a deeper understanding and appreciation for the work of Yango drivers.


The event also generated a positive buzz in the media, getting featured by GhanaWeb and B&FT, two of the Ghana’s most read new platforms, further strengthening Yango’s brand image and driver loyalty.