OB Influencer Brunch

Introducing a new seafood menu to the Ghanaian market by bringing together top influencers and food content creators to a brunch.

Ocean Basket, the multinational seafood restaurant chain, was about to launch a brand new menu in Ghana. They needed to generate excitement and top-of-mind awareness for this crucial update, especially among the trendsetting youth market.


The Ghanaian influencer landscape thrives on authentic experiences and user-generated content (UGC). Collaborating with food and lifestyle influencers offered a powerful reach and fostered trust among their followers.


iSupreme conceived the OB Influencer Brunch, a curated event designed to introduce the new menu to 10 prominent food and lifestyle influencers. The emphasis was on sharing and showcasing Ocean Basket’s vibrant culture through a delightful dining experience.

The brunch was more than just plates of food; it was a vibrant, fun-filled gathering where influencers could connect, share stories, and truly immerse themselves in the Ocean Basket vibe.



The Result
  • Massive UGC and Influencer Content: Over 1 million impressions were generated through the influencers’ posts, stories, and videos. Mouthwatering photos, glowing reviews, and genuine excitement about the new menu flooded social media, effectively reaching and engaging the target audience.
  • Top-of-Mind Awareness: Ocean Basket became the talk of the town among foodies, with the new menu taking center stage. The brunch successfully placed Ocean Basket at the forefront of Ghanaian minds, driving brand recognition and interest in the new offerings.
  • Strengthened Influencer Relationships: The event fostered strong connections between Ocean Basket and the influencer community, laying the groundwork for future collaborations and sustained brand advocacy.






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